Control the cost of printing and maximize your sales potential. Grow your bottom line. Grow your business.

Effective Printing Solutions + Insightful Inventory Strategies

Make under and overstocked problems a thing of the past.

How IPS Printing Services Support Your Business Growth

Reinforced by the strength of Ingram’s industry-leading print on demand capabilities, publishers can:

  • Agilely respond to changing demands
  • Easily manage more drop-ins
  • Support sales with galley and catalog printing
  • Reduce risk of experimental or niche titles
  • Expand customization potential
  • Burst into new global markets without the added cost

Print Products for IPS Publishers

Metadata standardization and the most complete digital file management capabiliSuperior speed and reliable quality – why choose one when you can have both?ties:

  • Paperback Books – Perfect bound, our most popular selection
  • Hardcover Books – Available in laminate, cloth or jacketed—foil stamping upon request
  • Color Books – Several color printing options—saddlestitch and perfect bound

Print to Grow Your Business

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