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Get Closer to Your Readers – PROMOTE with Aerio

Cut the distance between you and your readers. Market and sell your books direct via you or your author’s website, blog, or social media channels.

  • Offer purchase-enabled online previews
  • Place BUY buttons on your website and blog
  • Collect emails and gauge customer behavior

See More Opportunities – OPTIMIZE with Marketing Insights

Prioritize your sales and marketing efforts. More than 50 visual data points from consumer-facing channels illuminate a clear path to success.

  • Get data-driven marketing and sales insights
  • Use actionable recommendations to improve metadata
  • See impact across online retail, website, and social campaigns

Add Business Intelligence – ANALYZE with Ingram iQ

Spend less time analyzing business data. Get a holistic view of your business performance with in-depth supply chain analysis all in one place.

  • Access intuitive web-based reports
  • Consolidate real-time sales data—print and digital
  • Anticipate trends with exception reporting and analysis

Tap into your greater online potential.

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